at present, the number of SMEs in China has more than 46 million, become the backbone of China’s economic construction, but on the contrary, with a web site does not exceed two hundred million, the enterprise website has a rate of less than 30%, there are tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce needs, but not their own separate website. Now, more and more enterprises realize that this is an unprecedented opportunity, many companies have felt the urgency of the construction site, have joined the Internet world, creating a myth.

website construction costs so many companies worry about

in all the manufacturers set up the stage, singing "operators of informatization of small and medium sized enterprises" like a raging fire deduction at the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises have felt the various problems. For those who do not know how to program the traditional enterprise website problems, please help the network company website, less than thousand, tens of thousands of high, coupled with the host domain name and other expenses, the problem is that the base station is not a small expenditure, now the domain name price is cheap, but the price of a space high speed and stability is not cheap.

in fact, small and medium-sized enterprises generally weak, and the investment of millions of commercial websites can not compete, create a good website for them this is a luxury thing, it seems that only large enterprises have confidence and – small and medium-sized enterprises want to pull the same information on the "relationship" is not easy things.

intelligent host to small and medium sized enterprises at a loss situation

through the Internet, do a good job of information, the purpose is to reduce costs, with the help of network marketing to obtain valuable business opportunities." Mr. Lee said in an interview. He is the person in charge of a clothing business, was originally intended to carry out e-commerce through the establishment of the website, in view of the company has just opened, is not adequate funding, in the understanding to build a web site to thousands of dollars, Li Xiansheng for a moment I do not know how to solve this problem.

recently introduced by a friend to experience the Western Digital launched the "intelligent host", Mr. Lee, revealing a long lost smile. He said the intelligent host let me see the confidence, we these small and medium-sized enterprises can seize the opportunity of the Internet, experience and practice of Internet dream, into the trend of e-commerce, through information technology to enhance corporate image and competitiveness.

it is understood that, in order to cater to the needs of users and to attract and promote the construction of the network marketing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, the famous IDC services industry launched a unique Western digital intelligent virtual host technology, integrated virtual host, website two functions, which provide self-help Station function module and the 8 categories of thousands of sets the exquisite website template, as long as typing can be easily built website, in addition, also the first to provide intelligent programs directly run independently on the virtual host, can download FTP free to modify, free domain name, e-mail, database, website program, users can save a lot of money, really for the enterprise.