618 this year, the discount is the largest A shares for two consecutive days! The stock market crash of 618 Jingdong to grab the headlines, when everyone is talking about the stock market crash, only Jingdong still crustily skin of all touted performance, in fact, there are many people concerned about the sales situation of Jingdong? By how many people understand the Jingdong released data? Jingdong digital game is not to mind taking the trouble to entertain them, or just simply point directly released GMV


sales data tricks, Jingdong not greasy? Why don’t you just released GMV


Jingdong each promotional activities are in the test media intelligence, published a lot of data, to go around is not GMV, so play Jingdong not greasy? This year 618 main push two sets of data, a one-day break 15 million, during a 6.1-6.18 total sales of 4 million 160 thousand units to the other hand machine. A bunch of wonderful data looks very dazzling.

Jingdong given these data are unspoken lines, are trying to show sales strength in a fuzzy way. 15 million single expansion space is very large, because it can not determine the average customer price estimate, Jingdong 618 total GMV if there is a great margin, the average customer price of Jingdong Q1 is 386 yuan, to promote it to the average customer price evaluation of 250~350, GMV is 37.5~52.5 billion, 1 billion 500 million of the floating water. As for the public opinion and ready to trust capital which GMV, Jingdong can not imagine, by.

from another point of view, last year, Ali double eleven transaction volume is 57 billion 100 million, even if the Jingdong more than 5 billion, only Ali 1/10, from the perspective of public relations is not appropriate to directly publish GMV. Jingdong needs to show the superiority of sales data, so in addition to the 15 million single, is the emphasis on 1-18 total of 4 million 160 thousand mobile phone sales data, the subtext is that the lead in the field of 3C.

in addition, Jingdong gives category, brand data, such as maternal self sales compared with the May average daily growth of nearly 20 times, a beauty increase over 20 times, 400% growth in food, women’s growth of 40 times, GAP sales in May grew 13 times daily, VERO MODA increased 30 times, ONLY increased by 17 times. Germany Shuya underwear brand growth of 29 times, the South Korean brand HAZZYS up 618 year on year growth of nearly 39 times, 10 times daily (Adidas chain growth Jingdong called "Mom daily" is what?).

Jingdong announced a lot of auxiliary data, the surface looks very brisk, but look into is the lack of systematic, are not comparable, even lack of logic, feel like got some good data for communication. In fact, the Jingdong didn’t have so many sets of data, there is a saying called "more and more wrong, the data has two sides, in the highlight of 618 striking record at the same time also exposed the usual No one shows any interest in an increase of nearly 20 times, a daily, 400%, 4>