is called electricity supplier winter 2011 has left us far away. For this year, despite the chaos, bankruptcy, vicious competition, the electric field is not in the impact our keywords every hour and moment of the eardrum, "emotional" financing also can hardly be avoided. With the 1 billion settled Tencent, many angel investment return to reason, belonging to the electricity supplier industry, 2012, is not the end of the talk. In March this year by the author to Goldman Sachs and Heiner Asian venture capital funds invest tens of millions of "making shoes" as an example, focusing on the expression of B2C in the world occupy 2/3 electricity supplier industry field, 2012 capital market view.

today, financing is critical to the growth of a B2C business. Companies need to invest in the initial stage of the establishment of the angel, the need for VC investment in the stage of rapid development, the need for PE investment in the development of mature stage, the need for IPO listing stage, and then in normal. Financing the theme of the implementation of all the stages of the development of a business enterprise. Data show that as of December 2011, China’s B2C users reached 203 million people, an increase of 28.5%. The total investment and financing since 79, a total investment of 15 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for more than the total Chinese, e-commerce industry financing 75% thus, B2C in the field of financing has become the representative of the overall financing Chinese e-commerce industry.


2012 will be a rational return of PE/VC investment in the year, e-commerce is still the most important investment areas to footwear B2C is particularly evident. With the Chinese government introduced a variety of industry regulation and control measures as well as the rule of survival of the fittest market, only by expanding sales performance, it is difficult to win the favor of investment institutions. With innovative concepts and expected profitability of the high growth of the electricity supplier companies easier financing success, the shoes is one of the representatives of the network.

footwear B2C is the clothing, home appliances after another e-commerce segment. Today, the development of footwear B2C significantly faster, competition has intensified. Clap shoes network A wheel of success, the existing pattern of footwear B2C is bound to form a strong impact or challenge. This year, with the growing size of the market, the traditional footwear B2C like good music to buy, such as a kind of conservative operation Lok, emerging footwear B2C competition will be entering the white hot stage, observed from many angles, this field has began to appear signs of differentiation.


is well known, the entire footwear industry B2C has yet to achieve profitability. Footwear B2C in this year’s competition will not slow down, its marketing, warehousing, logistics, procurement costs, as well as the cost of human resources will not decline. Of course, the current level of valuation of footwear B2C is still low, with a larger appreciation of space. With the success of the shoe shoes network, excellent purchase network and other well-known sites still show the risk of investment in the footwear B2C have confidence in the future valuation of footwear B2C will rise. < >