business platform vacuity original caused by "value" impression Maoni, appeared in the luxury goods business platform with high quality service for the. Recently, consumer complaints to the Beijing Daily reporter, treasures online a price of 699 yuan, with the market price of 1200 yuan Longchamp (Longchamp) bags, in the actual price counter is 700 yuan. The so-called 42% off cheaper than the counter only $1.

virtual label market price

42% off only 1 yuan less than the counter

, a consumer complaints to the Beijing Daily reporter saw several Longchamp in treasures online (Longchamp bags) to sell 699 yuan, and the price mark beside the market price ranging from 1200-1250 yuan, the discount rate up to 42% off, very attractive. But in the brand counters, the price is much lower with the bag.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in treasure online search Longchamp brand, there are about 5-6 pages of goods, including a number of folding backpack indeed marked the market price of 1200 yuan, $1250, treasure price of $699. Wangfujing in Beijing in88 mall and Xidan Lafayette department within the two Longchamp brand counters, with the bag for the price of 700 yuan. Treasure online 42% off after the price, only a cheap $1. Shop clerk said, the classic bag in the store is generally not discounted, has been sold at 700 yuan. After calculation, the market price of the treasure marked on the market than the original price to be higher than 72%.

treasure another classic Longchamp dumplings on the market price of 1250 yuan, the price of $659, or about $47% off. With the counter check, the market price is 800 yuan bag. Treasure net standard market price higher than the counter 56.3%, the price is actually 18% off.

price delay

industry said over 20% unreasonable

Senior industry

who declined to be named, said this year was part of the field of luxury goods, luxury brands, light luxury brands in the counter price adjustment, the price of luxury electric providers may delay than the counter mark, but reasonable floating within the industry is generally not more than 10%-20%. For example, the original price of 700 yuan counter goods, luxury electricity supplier platform even higher than the market price of the counter price, should not be more than $840. Big brand price adjustment is not frequent, the root brand is different, only 1-2 times a year, the amplitude of about 10%-20%, the electricity supplier platform should also change the level of delay." He believes that over a long period of this line, it may be deliberately. It is understood that the pricing of goods generally require luxury electric providers to consider three factors, one is the counter offer, which is marked on the platform of the "market price" or "price"; second is to consider overseas price, general domestic counter price to about 30% overseas expensive; third is in a foreign country without the same paragraph of the special commodity. According to the domestic and international average price level to estimate a market price.