Amazon will open its first store in New York, Manhattan


technology – Beijing morning news on October 10th, the "Wall Street journal" reported that Amazon will open its first retail store in New York area of Manhattan center.

Amazon’s rapid development to the physical retail industry caused a huge impact, but Amazon will also open its own store. Amazon’s retail store will be located near The Empire State Building, New York, 7 West Street, Manhattan, No. 34, near the flagship store Messi Department store. This is one of the biggest new yorkers.

according to the source, the entity store will also play the role of a small warehouse, served as a courier service on the Amazon that day a distribution point.

the retail store is expected to open this year in the U.S. holiday shopping season. Amazon may be here to show the company’s own brand products, such as Kindle series of electronic readers and tablet PCs, Fire smart phones, as well as streaming media set-top boxes, etc.. If the physical store good performance, then Amazon will open up more urban market.

Amazon declined to comment on the Wall Street journal.

online retailers such as Amazon, the opening of the store is an important move. Amazon and other electricity providers had a business model based on the Internet, and through the physical retail network to reduce the cost of commodity circulation.

however, in recent years, Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) launched a multi line project, such as temporary storage lockers for customers to buy goods. In addition, the expansion of the department store category, as well as the development of the delivery service that day means that Amazon needs to build some form of regional distribution center.

in addition, Amazon will sometimes set up stores in large shopping centers, but this is rare. (Wei Jin)