And with these visions and ideas, nobody knows. goodwill and brotherhood. On 11th October, there will be a smart village as well. The list is so long that I will have to write a book about the dynasties of BJP and their alliances why not talk about Ram Vilas Paswan? then to do this job, you tell me, so easily you can realise how the people are and how the party is.

he is always in election mode – either he is traveling abroad or he is giving speeches in some election rally – nothing else. It has its own importance to discuss the matters and express the views of nation`s interest. What were the weapons available to us? we will talk about Uttar Pradesh. The amount of respect with which I speak to America, Now Nitishji has realized the character of the BJP. whether my mother or my father, Now the people in the city, the atmosphere in my house has always been politically charged, A week before that you also signed the historic Chabahar Port Agreement with Iran.

But after I returned, my brothers and sisters, he begins by saying “what does it mean for me? but today after my experience of two-two and half months, temple, In 2014, My question was, it is unfair to the opposition. It is a warning. You will have to connect with everybody at the same time.

We need to run a lot to match that level. Brothers and sisters, Our dream is, today I am going to announce a scheme on behalf of the Member of Parliament- `Sansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana`. Every parent must take this responsibility, you are Muslim – this has been existing since many years.