] June 5th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Chinese women’s fashion shopping website Lasafo on June 6th on-line version of the home page, it is reported that the new version of the home page lefeng.com will change the original mall platform model, dressing for the sale + mall model, adding more promotional activities.

lefeng.com according to the relevant person in charge, the Lasafo home revision of the biggest change is the sale area home above the launch of 6 sale brand, and regularly updated, will also be part of the introduction of a single product promotion and brand promotion to zero.

the responsible person also said that the music of the bee revision, to take care of the old user’s browsing habits, in addition to increase above the sale area home, still below the mall model reflects user habits, it will combine with the sale mall model, is keen to attract new users purchase flash sale, and retention the familiar shopping experience for older users.

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billion state power network to understand, since the marriage of Lasafo and vip.com, positioning Lasafo began to shift to a professional cosmetics shopping website, the industry believes that the major electricity providers have joined the flash sales model of the moment, Lasafo page revision is supposed to follow the trend, but "LV" (le bee + vip.com) after the marriage to both the advantages of rapid fermentation momentum.

as early as February 14th of this year, vip.com strategic investment Le bee network, the realization of holding. The two sides said at the time that it would carry out strategic cooperation, vip.com will play its own advantages in the field of apparel footwear, combined with the status of the music bee network in the past five years, the United States to create a fashion shopping platform.

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and revised website home page, lefeng.com star Master economy will continue to follow, Master beauty practical operation experience are constantly upgrading.