estimated in the cross-border electricity supplier just fire, who would not think of cross-border electricity supplier will become the first in the field of fire vertical electricity supplier. In the fire when the maternal electricity supplier in a complete mess, the price war such as drink boiling water as easily, Baidu has high investment in this industry is undoubtedly the honey bud, and add a fire.

however fire to the extreme was formed with the industry structure, the Tencent launched baby products, baby please, Ali mother electricity supplier zulily investment in the United States, Baidu investment honey bud BAT three, once again set a giant hand shows the broad prospects of maternal industry, on the other hand also makes the original chaotic pattern suddenly became clear, initially formed BAT and non BAT two camps. This situation may accelerate the further expansion of BAT in the field of maternal and child layout, there may be non BAT camp in the rapid integration of maternal and child businesses to respond to the impact of the BAT. Then, by the Baidu investment honey bud caused by maternal electricity supplier giants first round of battle, will bring the industry what kind of impact?

pattern into the layout of the giant giant cross-border maternal and child

after the rise of the cross-border electricity supplier industry, the mother and child electricity supplier has become the first outbreak of its vertical field. The main performance of the Internet giants compete for shares of cross-border maternal and child, while the parties are actively investing in the industry capital. The reason why such a situation occurs, the author believes that the reasons are as follows:

first, maternal and child electricity supplier market size and market demand potential. The prediction data of 2015, the market scale of China’s electricity supplier mother in 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan, so the large size of the market will be the Internet giant and capital coveted. On the demand side of the market, the sea Amoy user scale trading volume is growing rapidly, in 2014 the sea Amoy crowd has already reached 18 million; at the same time, along with the change of the consumption demand of domestic users and the upgrading of consumption concept, about 500 million of the middle class, and 80 of maternal and child products overseas 90 consumer demand; furthermore, the user perception of overseas goods it has been greatly improved.

followed by the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier. The next 2-3 years, China’s cross-border electricity supplier transaction size remained at 30% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), in 2017 the volume of cross-border electricity supplier will account for about 20% of total import and export trade. Which is still the leading export business, accounting for about to stay above 80%, trading rules of sustained growth, the scale will reach 6 trillion and 640 billion in 2017.

finally, dividend policy support. From July 2014 to date, the General Administration of Customs on cross-border trade announcements successive introduction, " 6+1" a cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities opened to give preferential policies on cross-border electricity supplier tax. The Ministry of Commerce of the "" Internet plus circulation; " action plan" and the State Council Internet plus " " foreign trade; policy implementation plan, either directly or indirectly.