with the Internet influence our life deeply, in order to meet the demand for high frequency source users just need business and Internet platform digitization, standardization and scale of the Internet, born around to meet the information needs of Baidu, to meet the social needs of the Tencent, to meet the demand of the commodity sale of Alibaba, thus forming a BAT giant.


on the basis of this, with demand vertical services to meet the properties of various types of enterprises have appeared, such as the field of information to meet the needs of today’s headlines, strange social needs to meet the unfamiliar street, the sale of goods to meet the needs of the Jingdong and enterprises are constantly enriched all meet the demand level, level, precision and quality and so on, was born rich and colorful Internet business world.

wave of the rise of O2O, so that the electricity supplier after the depletion of standardized electricity supplier, the new model of service providers boarded the stage. With the combination of public comments and the group and go where and Ctrip merger, drops and quick consolidation, giant enterprises in the catering, travel, tourism and other fields, is the formation of new service O2O business giants.


however, in the face of the diversity of user service needs, differences and the existence of the long tail property, the development of the service provider market is doomed to its distant journey. A new path is different from the standard electricity supplier rapid development path, is gradually being clear.

O2O with the experience of the 2015 unpopular, though left us is more grassroots project O2O death and giant O2O enterprise merger two themes, but in detail, we can still see the electricity supplier service (O2O service) the new features and trends, many have been tried and practice. In the giants of the Internet environment, the path can be followed by the development of a clear and mature.

2016 will undoubtedly be the service providers the real development of a year, trying to experience a simple Internet standardized trading platform, and after the mass movement of the so-called O2O bubble wave method is more scientific and reasonable will be used, more rational regression of entrepreneurs and investors will use the Internet infrastructure, with the help of Technology, media and communications (TMT), bonus, complete service providers real entity development.

in this, under the analysis of the service class electricity supplier a few basic development path, has been involved in it, or is about to join the entrepreneur may be helpful.

service providers become a trend

along with the electronic commerce degree and the level of standardization of goods is increasing, the development opportunity of Internet business to business services, the traditional business logic more products from the previous community change as the starting point, starting point. First have a community, find potential users in the community, and the needs of these users dig