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Taobao seller records show that all of its sales from the non main industry, browse its home page found in the sale of Lakasa furniture

introduction: today, the convenient degree of electricity supplier has unimaginable. Small snacks, daily necessities, large appliances and even furniture, you only need to click the mouse, online payment, you can enjoy door-to-door service. Have rich experience of online shopping consumers not only in Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon, shop No. 1 shopping site, Taobao and Tmall in a large number of merchants settled in the "bazaar" also trained a Kung Fu, each big brand flagship stores, stores around a circle, you can harvest.

however, if I tell you some of the so-called "Tmall flagship", "Dangdang proprietary" stores, selling fake goods or shoddy products of inferior quality, you dare to buy? Recently, the well-known furniture brand La Sa (La Casa) is a business platform of a high imitation ". To know the sequence of events, the Beijing Youth Daily "thousand times" had visited.


consumer online shopping furniture quality problems


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told the shop

from the beginning of last year, La Casa (La Casa) International Home Furnishing often received consumer advice, ask some products on a site. At the beginning of this year, the brand received a lot of complaints from consumers, said the purchase of furniture from the Internet Lakasa quality problems, and network sales side will not be resolved. At the same time, many cities across the country dealers also reflect, there are consumers on the network to buy the brand furniture, but also to the store for comparison, only to know that their online shopping is fake.

recently, La Casa (Beijing) International Co., Home Furnishing issued a statement, said the Tmall mall, taobao.com, Alibaba and other network Home Furnishing mall to sell Lakasa furniture are fake and shoddy products, the company only for the designated authorized store and execute goods delivery, strict management system, network vendors no goods channels. The no one store in network marketing.

the statement, a wide range of attention inside and outside the industry.


imitation like those who sell

furniture counterfeiters lurking shadows "never"

"metal era" to the brand keywords to browse the web found, a large number of network stores in the sales of the brand furniture, the picture looks and the brand’s promotional materials are very similar. In this regard, La Casa (La Casa) director of international brand center Home Furnishing Zhou Tao to the "thousand times", the shop name "La Casa" will have a change.