[Abstract] vip.com said that customer information has been encrypted monitoring, will not leak to the third party.


Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) April 24th news, recently, media reports said vip.com alleged user information leakage. Mode for the phone claiming to be the third party in vip.com, after the accurate name and receipt of the address, to inform consumers have an order error, and ask for relevant information.

this afternoon, vip.com Tencent responded that this technology is a method of criminals use hit the Library: "there are some to protect user information security awareness is relatively weak site there may be batch disclosure of user information, to get criminals after use hit the library in other transaction attribute website (such as electricity, Internet banking, etc.) try to log in and get users to buy the commodity information, and then commit fraud posing as a customer service staff."

and vip.com also said further we have customer data encryption monitoring, will not be disclosed to third parties: "please do not easily believe that others, if you encounter fraud, please timely feedback to vip.com records, the relevant departments will promptly contact the police conducted a thorough investigation, vip.com will make every effort to protect the interests of consumers."