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Hongkong, July 24, 2008 – DotAsia announced that the first five weeks of the hottest domain valuation contest has been successfully completed. In the 5 round of the winning domain name: Resorts.Asia, Careers.Asia, Southeast.Asia, SEO.Asia and Vodka.Asia. The winners are from five different countries: Hongkong (China), Australia, the United States, Israel and Indonesia. From the start of the race to the end of July 13th, DotAsia received nearly one thousand entries. Zhong Hongan, chief executive officer of DotAsia, said: "participants from all over the world to prove the global appeal of the.Asia domain name. The purpose of this is to hold an interesting game for the industry and the general public to understand the value of the domain name. The winner among the domain experts and the newcomer, they smile when the award is sufficient to prove the success of the event." It remains to be seen from all walks of life, is the ultimate prize last ring, a $10000 prize winner, after all the bids in August after the completion of its own. According to the rules of the game, the winner must answer questions related to the domain name and they can win the prize, and the all round the Q & A will in the weekly Wednesday evening at 7 (EST) DomainMasters program aired on WebmasterRadio.FM.

auction price trend, Discover.Asia had an overwhelming $112111 bid, has been beyond the leading, as the existing ten domain name list. The recent warm auction domain include ($36000) and ($34005). These two domain names in the week before squeezing the top ten domain names, now occupied by the fifth and sixth. Other noteworthy names include the trend of sharp and In contrast, last week, one of the top ten has fallen by the top ten.

The total amount of

.Asia auction a few weeks ago to exceed three million yuan, has now exceeded $six million, confirmed the huge potential of.Asia as a regional domain name. In the just completed "domain name domain name auction Auction" (Geo Domain Expo Domain),.Com domain name >