some time ago, the U.S. group claimed to occupy 75% of the share of the hotel group, the movie online ticketing share of 70%, the business is the first of the two". However, given the fact that the United States mission to brush a false record, its public data inevitably cast a layer of fog.

merchant scalping cheated, the U.S. group opened and closed

United States mission to brush the most serious takeaway field. In order to fight against the rival hungry, a U.S. price war, with how much less on how much subsidy to businesses. In order to get more subsidies, businesses began to organize students to use false orders under the phone, after the subsidy account to be divided into two parties.

a little legal sense of business, even if you do not brush, but also a way to make quick money, such as allowing students to use a mobile phone in the restaurant, the United States take orders, direct hall to eat. According to the online meal ordering industry sources, the pure pursuit of preferential dining order, no culture of user habits help, will let the market order confusion. In other ordering website, merchants to accept dining order is strictly forbidden. While in the United States, but the church seems to have been allowed to eat alone, according to a BD manager of a Shandong three city U.S. said, in their own universities, 60% of the orders hall to eat alone. Such as the United States on the takeaway restaurant, there are a large number of church orders:


in addition, the United States to take away, but also to see a number of non catering businesses on the sale of daily necessities, cosmetics, takeaway platform has become an online supermarket.




this merchant on the line, it is not possible without the approval of the United States mission, it is certain that some of the United States under the delegation of the delegation of the brush in the brush, as to whether the high-level knowledge, it is unknown. Recently, the United States announced the amount of takeaway takeaway volume of 1 million 500 thousand, there is much water, it is worth careful.

financial pressure under bright data

U.S. group indulgence brush single, perhaps under financial pressure. Since September, the United States to take away the month were burned 200 million, but the share has been lagging behind the hungry Mody, the bottom of the funds, the results did not improve, the situation can not be said to be critical. The brush is not only able to beat the opponent in numbers, but also to enhance the ability of the United States in front of the bargaining power of the investors, the funds wasted in the brush, smooth, then in the next round of financing can earn all. In November the U.S. announced one day amounted to 1 million 200 thousand, in December there is a rumor that the U.S. $700 million financing. So with the funds in exchange for money, the heart can not help but doubt: don’t rely on playing digital games, beauty group will be able to complete the mission


brush can not only for their own, but also for competitors, at this point, the U.S. team is playing out of the pattern. May 16th, micro-blog outflow of the United States within the group’s internal staff WeChat chat screenshot, >