[TechWeb] reported on August 12th news, Tmall announced 11 investment rules, this rules show that the business registration time is from August 12th 10 to August 22nd 22, and will publish business finalists at the end of August, and the carnival time is November 11th all day long.

Tmall announced that compared with previous years, will increase the interaction of innovation to enhance sales effectiveness. Said it will interact, O2O (online and offline to get through), pre-sale, wireless, and so do a lot of innovation and breakthrough, in short, this year 11· 11 will be very exciting.

Tmall provides businesses screening mechanism, consider two main factors, first, according to the dynamic service shop score (DSP score), time to sell, refund disputes rate, conversion rate, sales turnover, customer price index screening. Second, sub industry businesses, according to the above indicators of the same sort.

rules for commodities is presented to the audience commodity half off clear requirements; the logistics package; the price of all commodities should be equal to or less than 10 in September 15, 2013 to November 2013 Tmall ten percent off of the transaction price; also stressed that, within 30 days after the commodity price shall not be lower than the price. (eight)