recently, WeChat’s subscription number frequently action caused a variety of speculation outside. From the beginning of the subscription number folded, until now in the subscription number: the number, increase reading make a fuss published comments on, WeChat seems to pay more attention to the service subscription number. I think of all the problems before the micro business, can not help but have such a conjecture: WeChat to protect the circle of friends ecology, intends to transfer the electricity supplier to the subscription number, with the micro shop with each other to develop the electricity supplier WeChat

?Although this is just

I guess, but we can also think, if the derivative to subscription number, what will be the impact on WeChat.

clear circle of friends "forced" Shuabing, enhance the user experience

micro business in the circle of friends scraper phenomenon has been let WeChat headache, a variety of marketing information so that the circle of friends of the environment becomes let users suffer The atmosphere was foul., have Tucao, also lost was originally due to some appearance. WeChat official in dealing with the problem of micro business, encountered a dilemma, on the one hand, want to regulate the ecological circle of friends, on the one hand, I hope to be able to develop micro business in WeChat. Two, if the derivative is transferred to the subscription number, which can effectively remove the circle of friends "Refresh" phenomenon, let WeChat users interact in the circle of friends is more active.

user problems due to the use of fragmented time, subscription number is always after the end user information and reply to the circle of friends, this will be in the content of the subscription number for which is no longer more complex, but less fine, according to user groups to prescribe the right medicine to own, rather than at different types of hair the promotion of information, makes the contents of the public number can also be towards the fine direction, enhance the user experience.

WeChat is different from micro-blog, micro-blog is the information flow, can converge to a variety of traffic. The WeChat subscription number is more like an independent blog, with fine content to attract fans. Two platforms have their advantages and disadvantages of the development of electricity providers, can not directly determine the better.

certification deregulation, so that the public division of labor more detailed

At the beginning of the

, the public number limit an identity card information can only be registered 2 public numbers, and now has been relaxed to the 6. The number of certified public "deregulation" to separate from the media marketing information and products, high-quality reading content, cooperated several related public number, so that the public number push content is more organized, rather than advertising and read the contents of each hybrid, let the reader have to reject.

addition, the public number of open, will attract those who have been hit in the circle of friends micro business, will promote the transfer of information to the public.

at the same time, the number of fine division of the public, related to the promotion of the number of fans are the product of the consumer, the public number can communicate directly with the fans, do C2B, to fine small aspects of development. Subscription number also increased the number of published reading, comments and other functions, so that the public number and fans interact more directly, but also conducive to promoting the development of micro business.