look at the latest fashion show to buy how to play?

Ali clear future direction of Taobao, community, content, local life, the new trend of social economic gameplay changes which


billion yuan bonus how to get


tens of millions of traffic network red cooperation opportunities where?

May 22nd, a wave of the above question, there are big coffee answers.

upcoming Sunday, the United States and the group will be held in the W Apartment Guangzhou, the city of the Internet electricity supplier industry event.

on the same day, the United States and the group will bring its Yin man, at the beginning of language, living in the left 12 brands, with the Internet platform, Amoy, Master, new media and other areas of the elite, hold a new media strategy conference full of dry cargo.

conference will focus on playing · earn the theme to explore the future development trend of new media, as well as the flow of new ways to achieve. Then, Ali Mama, Youku, billion state power, industry leaders and other large coffee, will share the latest gameplay and experience of the cash flow in the conference.

, Master, the scene of Amoy platform, network, new media and the brightest red Nirvana in Fire elite ", not only can participate in super high commission plan, there is the opportunity to seek deeper cooperation and reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the United States and even become partners.

What does


heavy coffee share dry cargo fly with you

Ali Mama, Youku, billion state power industry leaders gathered in large coffee and so on dry cargo sharing to help you fly

Youku live synchronization headlines at any time

Youku live broadcast live conference, the audience can go outside to buy

traffic / content realizable new play

new resources, new ways to help you break the era of content is king

fashion to & tide real time vane

the latest explosion of the United States and the United States recommended the group, to share with you fashion trend vane

What does


billion bonus sharing to you

million flow network red cooperation opportunities

Meida to promote focus on cooperation plans to share

directly to the scene to reward ultra-high Commission program

coffee lineup

Wu Junlian: President of the United States Group

Yang Xunzhong: Vice President of the United States Group

Xue Siyuan: Ali mother electricity business unit general manager

Deng Yifei: Vice President of Youku Video electricity supplier

Chen Peng, vice president of

rebate networkThe secret: Ajimi President

Li Wei: Taobao Daren