yesterday, Taobao line free fish client, as long as members of the Taobao account login, no shop, including a key to reaching the resale buy baby, mobile phone pictures published idle items and other functions.

Taobao second-hand platform a user survey recently showed that nearly 98% of the users involved in the investigation have idle items, while more than half of the users tend to let idle items on the side without processing. The reason for this situation is that the majority of users believe that selling idle items is a troublesome thing, a small number of users is not clear where to sell idle items.

login free fish client, users can buy a key resold Taobao baby. Use Taobao account login, click to enter the free fish client resell a key function, it will jump out of user buy in Taobao’s baby list; click back baby, a key resale, you can easily set the transfer price, location, contacts and other information.

Taobao responsible person, second-hand goods trading function is not limited to the user purchased in Taobao products, online for those special times because the impulse or need to buy only a temporary baby, you can hang up free fish". As long as the goods to take a photo, leave a word, you can make a key release. The responsible person said, "Taobao account interoperability free fish and user accounts, personal purchase records, Alipay information and security functions, users can solve the problem of trust and transaction security, while eliminating the individual shop and a series of red tape to the threshold. (reporter Zhang Qianyi)