Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent three giants in the O2O (online and offline integration) battle in full swing, always adhere to the online Jingdong O2O also joined the high-profile war.

yesterday, Jingdong O2O Group officially announced cooperation with Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other 15 city tens of thousands of convenience stores, including Quik, good neighbors, good friends, and other well-known brand of convenience store chain meiyijia. This is followed by the Jingdong and Shanxi Tang Long hypermarkets to carry out the success of O2O cooperation, the first large-scale promotion of this business model, the future, the plan is also expected to cover all the provincial capital cities and prefecture level at the end of the year.

cooperation will cover the national

self built logistics and distribution system has been the core competitiveness of Jingdong, after signing 10000 convenience stores, Jingdong tentacles can be extended again.

select Jingdong orders, as long as the convenience store near your home, the goods will be provided directly by the convenience store and distribution, the fastest 15 minutes will be able to receive convenience store goods." – this is a joint venture Jingdong O2O convenience store launched personalized logistics services.

compared to the traditional B2C electronic business, Jingdong O2O avoid the online retail logistics and warehousing and other aspects of the constraints, greatly enhance time efficiency, and more close to the consumer from the supply of goods to the distribution, more local service advantages; compared to the traditional offline retail Jingdong, the O2O platform can provide more convenience stores rich product category, bring more traffic members, better quality of service.

Jingdong Chief Logistics Planner Hou Yi said that through the integration of O2O, Jingdong to further achieve the channel sink strategic layout, and made a great breakthrough in the localization of life services. Jingdong and thousands of convenience stores, is not only the traditional retail brand recognition of Jingdong online strength, but also for consumers, industry and regional economic development to create a new retail format value.

Jingdong O2O trial began in November last year, the Jingdong to cooperate with the local Taiyuan Shanxi Tang Long hypermarkets, made "consumer single conversion rate is much higher than ordinary supplier industry average performance, Tang Long also tasted the sweetness of the electricity supplier. Based on this, the pace of the Jingdong O2O towards a broader urban convenience store. In the future, Jingdong and convenience store O2O cooperation plan is expected to cover all the provincial capital cities and prefecture level at the end of the city.

reform the traditional model

Jingdong’s O2O strategy is different from other electricity providers, focusing on the force of the end of the marketing and payment side, trying to fundamentally reform the traditional retail store business model.


, group purchase coupons, cash back has been the mainstream mode of O2O is not open around, but Hou Yi seems, compared to the current O2O based industry group purchase by Jingdong, O2O model is a model of innovation essence. Because we have opened up a number of online and offline information technology, supply chain and other aspects, to achieve seamless business platform and traditional retail stores >