e-commerce industry has a number of large drivers. Dangdang, Amazon, Jingdong, VANCL…… , which is driving the development of their own business layout on the internet. We first staking, enclosure process requires a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to support. Fast staking process led the attention of an industry, when the capital into the electricity supplier this industry, the capital of greed to accelerate the process of staking. But the land is infinite and the capital is limited. How can these electricity supplier drivers slow down because of the capital and then there is the electricity supplier financing. Capital began to hesitate, I gave so much money, so soon spent it, so the electricity supplier chiefs began a series of requirements and constraints. A number of electricity providers have been pushed on another round of financing, and some have been pushed to a larger capital market – listed. So they went on and on.

bigwigs with money to put up a ladder. They climbed half and looked back. Sighed, "we sell a few hundred million a year. We want to build our own logistics system. We want……".

In order to protect

, circle of people, they can be described as The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. Various means are everything. At this time a water into the e-commerce industry, said: big brother, you go to the enclosure dig gold, we give you water, we are your lubricant." The electronic commerce service industry rapid rise, advertising, logistics, marketing, and even the HR electricity supplier have become a hot industry, really because of their presence, again will e-commerce in this industry again to another climax.

The climax of

, we are cool, cool in a complete mess. As a result, people are still, the money is gone. This sad reminder. Some people say that the people who do the Internet to have the wind character is fickle and fast. Then I think the electricity supplier industry should have the same character storm. So the electricity supplier industry has begun the second revolution, cost savings, reduce mining, drink less water. At this time, the water workers die.

experienced these, the bigwigs began to calm down. But in the near future, there are some bigwigs who want to lead the third climax. Began the price storm on the internet. Toss it, I believe this is just a temporary market behavior. I’ll keep you posted on this blog. There is no electricity supplier you do not have the current development, without your driver, there will not be so many people online shopping. Electricity supplier needs big brother lubrication, you need crazy. The rise of an industry for at least 10 years, not urgent not urgent, we still have 4 years.

gangster story comes to an end. Then let us look at the boy’s life. The younger brother is divided into the ladder, representative of pure electricity supplier and representative of traditional enterprises, there are also small individual. Let us talk about the pure electricity supplier’s younger brother, the younger brother who have ideas, but again after a period of time did not get the capital’s identity, only to sink down at the meager profit, waiting for the final climax period;