Jingdong think "Tmall" ads that "the dadant daily", "easy shopping day" is a one-sided propaganda, misleading consumers to obtain unfair competitive advantage, so Tmall mall operators, Tmall supermarket north station operators to court v.. In November 5th, the Haidian court accepted the Beijing Jingdong of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Jingdong of Beijing Bai Lu picked up three century Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tmall network sued Tianjin cat Agel Ecommerce Ltd unfair competition case.

the plaintiffs, the Jingdong of Beijing three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd is a large national network of retail mall platform Jingdong (www.jd.com) operators. Beijing Jingdong century Information Technology Co., Ltd. for the Jingdong Mall (www.jd.com) in North China Commodity vendors. Jingdong mall is one of the core competitiveness of its distribution services, through the industry’s leading warehousing services to customers. The limit of 211 service standards, the Jingdong formed its nuclear facilities and flow in the market covering more than 2 thousand counties and distribution station from mentioning, Jingdong can provide a series of professional services for consumers, and try to in the shortest time to competitive advantage and rapid product delivery business image.

Zhejiang Tmall Network Co. Ltd is a retail network platform Tmall Mall (www.tmal.com) operators, Tianjin super cat Agel Ecommerce Ltd is Tmall mall platform Tmall supermarket (chaoshi.tmall.com) north station operators channel. Tmall mall and mall Jingdong in the retail market China network transactions were ranked first and second, 2014 the market share are significantly higher than other competitors, the two have direct competition in online retail market.

September 2015 two, the plaintiff found that Tmall and Tmall mall supermarket operators have two defendants in your hospital within the jurisdiction of the subway station and the subway train on the substantial outdoor advertising, and also published a full page advertisement in "Beijing News", "the dadant daily", "the price of the day than any" and "relaxed shopping day" advertisement, claims that its distribution of goods can reach the same day delivery.

however, the advertising claims the so-called "day of practice is limited to eight districts in the city of Beijing City, and if submitted before later than on the morning of 11 orders, only the next day delivery to the day". At the same time, even for the eight district of Beijing City, the main city of the customers, some products category could not do the day". For example, fresh products daily 20:00 orders before the next day before 22:00 can be served.

two the plaintiff that the goods delivery time is an important index for online retailers to attract and serve the consumers, the two defendants through the advertising, to the effect of the day can only meet the rigorous conditions and in some areas, a portion of the goods under the condition of large scale, one-sided propaganda, exaggerated the so-called "day >