is the standard initial domain name easy to remember as long as read, search engine and SEO, make people pay more attention to the PR value of the domain name, indexed, memorized, hot degree, determine the domain name quality standards become diverse, select the domain name becomes complicated, how to choose a good domain name, make paste please enter the user, search engine, so as to benefit in the rankings, SEO


1 from the site of the angle, you try to choose the theme of the site and key words put into association, at the same domain, in accordance with the priorities, you can choose keywords is a shortcut, not necessarily appropriate, but it is best to contain the keywords, highlight the theme, such as " admin" will highlight the choice of the domain name "network management, the meaning of" webmaster to fully highlight the theme and the relevance of.

2 does not mean that as soon as you can choose the good domain name registration, should check whether the domain name is Baidu K, it is easy to neglect, examination skills, check the selected domain name in Baidu external links, if it is found that the domain name is outside the chain, then this site is half of K had been possible, so please on the other hand, can use, ease of use.

3 select the appropriate domain name service provider, now a lot of domain name service provider, service quality and quality uneven, the top-level domain name service provider, the new network, network, Chinese channels, the price is high, but the quality is guaranteed. Don’t care about a cheap, may bring serious consequences, I because of cheap network in Shanghai before the pain of cutting one’s body, myth (strong BS the China Internet company registered the domain name (meaning scum) head is also a good name, not long to use corn) when the station found the company failed, unable to manage the domain name, if you meet me this misfortune, please refer to the solution my first > whois. Query on maize; find out the superior service > call help re analysis or transfer to other companies to management. This intermediate is very complex, as I transfer to other companies to immediately renew One year, but also to fill in a lot of spreadsheets, waiting for the confirmation of both sides, etc., so please do not figure cheap.

if the above steps you have done well, then your website has taken the first step to success, then try to do stand, N years later, maybe your station is very successful, your corn is very valuable, don’t forget me!

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