recently had a former colleague to find me, I hope to help publish a recruitment information in WeChat, the effect is a FMCG enterprises want to recruit a business manager, the annual salary of 250 thousand yuan (not including bonus), released in the circle of friends I hope, because it is not a suitable candidate.

see this information, I feel very puzzled, this is the first-tier cities, arguably this talent should not be difficult to recruit, but the result is contrary to expectation to me.

coincidentally, my company took three senior staff last year, a director, manager two. The reason is that sales performance is not up to standard, and the combat effectiveness of the team is relatively poor, of which two feel pressure, space is not large, the final departure, and the last one is because of personal reasons to leave. These three senior staff are hired from the first tier cities in the past, the company has done a year or so. Shouldn’t spend so much cost to the recruitment of personnel should be greatly improved so that sales results are not so.

from the annual sales performance, in addition to the 1, February sales target set by the relatively low, reached a rate of more than 120%, 7, 8, September reached a rate of about 65%, the other months have not even 60%, the cheating is a November rate of 39%, 19% in December. And this is the result of bonuses can not get, and finally a lot of people chose to leave the enterprise, the team’s self-confidence is very poor, can not see any hope.

sales target to achieve a relatively poor rate, the reason is that the higher level of airborne high profile, the development of the sales target is based on the previous year increased by more than 2 times. In fact, the product or the original products, but the price increased by two times, while the market growth is limited, less than 30%, just a different level, the sales target over several times, this is not reasonable. But the new high-rise will have their own practices, came near, because a lot of people can not adapt to and choose to leave, have a relatively large impact on the stability of the team.

after such pains, the boss at the end of the year or the hope from the outside to the top of the electricity supplier, after the interview of the 4 operations manager, do not feel fly. I want to configure or what kind of person, give me a lot of resources, given the annual salary of millions of dollars, this should belong to not work, only work, their mouth. There is a lack of ability to be competent to be filtered.

later, the supreme leader of the electricity supplier to find me and direct the chief executives to talk to us. We give advice is not to put their hopes in the monk chanting, the lessons of the failure of last year has enough deep. We do not have the ability to be so high in the treatment, but also facing the problem of The climate does not suit one. After tossing around, the last who will pick up the mess! Or through internal training promotion is reliable, after all, loyalty is relatively high, and there is no running problem "