Tmall has too many shops with millions of monthly sales success, caused the float dry in most shops, there are too many sellers think only copying surface can replicate the success of others, but forget the nature of the electricity supplier operations.

WeChat QQ every day I asked the most is the problem of "Saul teacher, I shop how to do?" "teacher, how to create the explosion of" teacher, how to sell millions, this kind of problem is substantially equal to ask me: "teacher, how can I succeed?" the scope is too broad, there is no answer the problem, a bit more specific, better answer.

Floating dry disease

electricity supplier boss is the shop to sell one million, to analyze their own resources, how to accumulate, at what stage, took the head of goals; floating dry disease is the business manager, frequent job hopping, do not stay here, stay somewhere, never static self the skills of heart, that rely on the brush single keyword and change to solve the fundamental problem of the store.

11 years of contact with a canvas shoes Tmall shop, was selling about 1-2 thousand dollars a day, the boss asked no matter what method, this year to do 10 million. When applying for 50 thousand yuan monthly promotion time, the boss asked why so much? The sellers often never on industry market, product positioning, analysis their own in operation stage, and only see that currently several tofu and sell millions, want to ask for the moon, and do not want to invest in advertising, and finally only slowly consume dead.

so Taobao operators, I think the biggest problem is the skills and communication skills, there is no systematic rigorous operation strategy. As for the understanding of the product, most people also gradually understand that the product is fundamental, but may not know exactly how many products from the dimensions of industry analysis, an index explosion involves how to judge, industry explosion has the characteristics of what is, not thinking clearly, poor execution.

communication, the main problem is that their operating ideas are not clear, but can not persuade the boss to trust you, just stand on our own point of view, the boss did not seize the psychological, this course also need to know a little communication psychology, to let the boss to give you a good promotion fee.

electric float dry on the other hand, frequent operation personnel electricity supplier replacement, the company had just sat down, think the boss is a jerk, the manager is an idiot, sitting next to a flatterer, feeling all the people do not understand their own secret operations. Such a lack of patient accumulation of operations, any team needs to run in and communicate, if frequent turnover, but also to find their own reasons, whether the need for self precipitation.

as a shop owner, also need to calm down and think about how many goals can be achieved. For example, a target of 30 million years, the upside down, in the end what conditions and resources, advertising costs should be put into the industry level, what kind of product structure to support.

these are not considered in the case of clear analysis