At present, the domestic

electronic commerce pattern can be said to be colourful, what kind of brand are, but when it comes to the pattern of the market, I think the most accurate should to be divided by sales. You can see that the Alibaba headed by Taobao occupy an absolute advantage in the electricity supplier, followed by a group of small Rolls Royce in numerous underlings for limited market. But this pattern may not last long.

we know that, as the Construction Bank, Bank of communications, the "fair" and "China Merchants Bank is e purchase have reached the" battlefield network competition". None of these initiatives are aimed at this huge piece of e-commerce cake, no one would like to think that a large bag. In my opinion, the banking industry involved in the electricity supplier market has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to break the current electricity supplier market structure.

advantage: quick and convenient payment, payment services.

bank can be different from the electricity supplier Tmall mall, Jingdong and other pure electricity supplier platform profit model, the pursuit of the formation of the profits of the commodity price difference; it provides goods at the same time, relying on their own advantages to provide financial services. In their own way of payment, compared with the third party platform to jump to online banking faster and easier. And it can be very convenient to provide credit card payment within the limits of the payment function, simplifying procedures for such services. It can be said that convenience is its biggest advantage.

disadvantage: young banks involved in the electricity business, especially lack of experience.

banking into e-commerce is like an Internet technology and service experience to accumulate "big training", because the Internet is the real big stage can provide wider services for banks. But this time they on Internet technology services is still immature, need to withstand the test of the market.

at the same time, as the new bank, from the front to the rear of the relationship between suppliers of warehousing and logistics, customer service and other aspects of the lack of operational experience, in this case, in order to "stones" at the same time to ensure that the user experience, the banking industry still has a long way to go. After all, this is a user experience for the king, pay attention to the era of e-commerce pre-sale customer service guarantee.

despite the hardships, but the banking industry involved in the future of the electricity supplier can not be limited.

first we need to recognize the fact that online shopping users can be said to pay 100% of the online banking rely on, even if the platform is also relying on the payment of the amount of money to carry out the third party payment. Therefore, the bank has such a large number of user groups, not only limited to online shopping users, but all open online banking customers. Its audience is much more than the traditional online shopping.

at the same time, relying on their own financial services with e-commerce, so that the profitability of the bank’s electricity supplier may become possible. One can imagine, in the future of e-commerce market, the bank will become an important component of the electricity supplier.