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e-commerce users access time

browse web information, the proportion of various mobile terminals accounted for

                sina science and technology news on December 6th afternoon news, net science and technology released the "third quarter of 2011 Internet Report" (hereinafter referred to as "report"). The report said that Chinese Internet users prefer to browse e-commerce sites at work time, which is the 15 day of the electricity supplier website visit peak.

report, the Internet users in particular the analysis of Internet users to access the Internet data analysis shows that users are more accustomed to 10:00, 15:00 and 22:00 three hours online access to e-commerce web site. The highest peak in the afternoon of 15 points, the point of access to the peak reached the average daily e-commerce site visits of the.

from the report on the overall Internet users visit statistics, 8:00 to 24:00 is a relatively high time for Internet users to use the network. The more interesting data in the report is that 20:00 reached the peak of Internet users visit the site, accounting for 140% of the average daily visits. Corresponding to the peak, the daily morning 5 Internet users to reach the lowest number of visits, only an average daily visit of 20%.

in access interactive content and application of the statistical content, using HTC and iPhone mobile terminal users the most, respectively 22.90%, 21.20% and second; different Samsung in the quarter, the quarter latecomers become the first in the proportion of 8.99%, ahead of the Nokia and SonyEricsson (the proportion was 8.85% and 8.51%).

The speed of

, the "report" shows that the third quarter of the overall average Internet download speed of 385KB/s, the overall download speed concentrated between 150KB/s to 500KB/s, accounting for 70% of the sample, the download speed is about 256KB/s in the largest number of users accounted for more than 18%.

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ChinaNetCenter report", in addition to detailed analysis of the continuation of the second quarter of 2011 "report" on the Internet Internet users in different industries geographical distribution, access time, Internet users of mobile Internet operating system, browser, Internet and mobile Internet application popularization of network access terminal data and other data, the new increase in the the whole Internet download statistics of velocity distribution. (Ai Cheng)