from Online to Offline, from wine to wine, from alcohol to life, to complete the transition to the ecological platform, which is why could award success.


just past the "Jingdong International Wine Festival", network network to achieve the growth of 1800%, selling two day sales to become the champion, so the results of the industry wonder. In just one year, the hurricane network network state, 2015, 919 fans Festival "sales break 50 million," double 11 Carnival "sales reached 30 million; in 2016," Chengdu spring sugar "line, signed 230 million online recharge 40 million," 414 hardware free day sales of 45 million.

If you know the

network network more than a year of action, it is not difficult to find, every time can be achieved outstanding results, not luck, but inevitable.

to stabilize the high-end, seize the low-end

network network is started by high-end Wine, maintain absolute advantage in this field. Over the past year, the platform positioning and product structure has undergone tremendous changes. The downward seepage in the wine category, entered the low-end areas; horizontal expansion in the entire liquor, including Wine, beer, liquor, is not based on "Mi months biography" launched the "Mi wine", launched the "super eco beer based on grote".

as one of the eco member, the continuation of the music network network product strategy, with high-end products and low-end products to rely on the card to run. Super TV on the market just as the 60 Inch big screen, even in 2015 launched a 120 inch TV, but the real run by 60 inches below the mainstream models. However, the benefits of doing so is very obvious, to instill a sense of consumers – as the music is to do high-end products.

in this category of wine market, wine net net the same strategy. Based on the high-end market to stabilize, aggressively to penetrate the low-end market, even at high prices will knife, the end product price cut to parity. See from the "Jingdong International Wine Festival" activities, the original price of 429 yuan of Penfolds BIN389 red Wine, accumulated in the preferential after the final purchase price of 269 yuan, apparently sacrificing profits in exchange for market share, but also has an immediate effect, sales increased by 1800% during the event.

This is the

network network this year second shots in the wine field, the last time was in the spring Chengdu sugar announced wine into negative profit era, the result is the online recharge over 40 million, line signing amount more than 230 million yuan. At present, network network has occupied the top spot in the field of domestic wine.

pay close attention to global supply chain resources

Through the

network network CEO Li Rui’s circle of friends found that, before the Jingdong International Wine Festival opening, he studied for more than a month’s time in foreign countries, almost all areas of the world visited the well-known wineries. It is not difficult to understand, net >