recently I browse the graph king "brainstorming invitation minon goods m" activities from time to time, suddenly by a domain name transfer information to attract, information title display: object net domain is for sale, the filling (to find the object object on the net?).

see this message, I can not help now dating sites such as SNS have mixed feelings, but can really let everyone bamboo shoots after a spring rain, remember the dating site almost no, most named homophonic natural environment is not conducive to the website promotion; but in China over the years history of the Internet has been to our interpretation of such a concept: clear meaning and user-friendly good domain name is the foundation of website development. To find the object on the object?! is such a simple name:, let in the Internet work for nearly 10 years of my heartbeat, the kind of long lost the impact of the soul, my mind back to the age of passion. 5 years ago, around several engaged in traditional business buddies aimed at the demand of China’s growing Internet matchmaking market, about me; everything is in place in time, how to get a famous name website, let us committed. Although the site positioning is very accurate, but in how to choose a domain name, a few of us are in fact the layman, resulting in delays. When the Internet wave surging, and the boys always abandon not elaborations of the traditional business, the first time in my life the true meaning of the business or went nowhere.

now, thirty years of age I, a little bit of information about website domain name in the network, to tender my scars. Object net,, like a foreign object, in front of my eyes happy jump. If, if duixiang.com5 years ago and the boys came into my eyes, I can not imagine, can be in front but clearly showing the numerous young men and women like the sort of lingering scene. I felt relieved, simple and traditional means a strong network of objects,, is the network SNS dating website domain name choice! For once dreamed of making people network SNS, domain name object, not as in a desert oasis, moisten your my heart?

I heard countless streets and lanes, young men and women in the chat object network, that is their life opportunity, let them have a wonderful life encounter and loyalty. I have to admit that the object network domain name appeal is too big, so I told the news. The original business when they say if it was willing to see the domain name, 100 thousand yuan acquisition of huge amounts of money. Perhaps this is one kind of fate, but I and the elder brothers had passion Ellis age, only wish object net domain name to marry into a good family. "