one of the BRIC countries Russia’s recent Internet industry is developing rapidly, financing the industry news frequent, seems to have 60 million users, Russia’s future development potential of infinite

! is a similar Hulu TV, movie program streaming media service website, known as the Russian Hulu". According to TechCrunch reports, today announced $40 million financing, the investor is Baring Vostok, ru-Net and other institutions. The new funds will be used to improve the technical level of, increase more video content, improve market competitiveness. was founded in February 2010, the main competitors in Russia are YouTube, RuTube and the upcoming Hulu and Netflix. Which ReTube to provide high-quality video content to the audience, to bring a small market pressure Russia has 60 million Internet users, ranking first in Europe, the number of Internet users in Europe is also the fastest growing region, an annual increase of 14%, far exceeding the average level of 6%.

according to comScore data show that an average of 24 million 900 thousand Russian monthly landing YouTube to see the video. is currently an independent access to the user 10 million, the amount of video reading at 50 million. According to CEO Tumanov said that the number of users has been independent of the 3 million last year, a qualitative leap. website currently has 65000 movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, MTV etc.. However, compared to Hulu and Netflix huge database, this figure inferior by comparison. at the technical level and other competitors basically flat, but also multi platform development. We hope to be able to bring more video content to the user, to give them a better service experience."

Russia’s other Internet Co financing news continues, Russia’s Amazon Ozone financing $100 million, luxury electricity supplier KupiVIP financing $38 million 500 thousand. as Russia’s first video site financing, is about to seize the rapid development of the Russian Internet market, unlimited potential.

Russia in the world can be regarded as an emerging market, coupled with just entering the WTO, the development rate will soar. Earlier statistics show that in 2010, the world each week in the social network users spend time is 4.5 hours, and the data of Russian Internet users is as high as 9.8 hours, and have the Facebook of American Internet users even before 10 did not enter.

The rapid popularization of

network, as well as the special historical and cultural and climatic conditions, created a special economic market in russia. Russian >