day before the first fast tea e-commerce platform "beauty Lingbao Tesco" enabled 5 letter domain name announced officially listed, announced Chinese tea into the era of fast.

tea is a global health drink, but also the world’s second largest beverage after water. But the traditional tea tea tea complex process, does not meet the modern society increasingly rapid pace of life. Allows consumers to use simple, the fastest way to become a global tea tea research and development of new trends.

from Hubei Lingbao beauty should be the trend of tea and its articles, a total of 500 million yuan of investment in R & D, convenient carrying, easy to brew even with cold global fashion health tea, and named "tea", which is different from other kinds of tea.

reporter at the scene to see, fast tea packaging unique and rich personality, taste. Although the fast cup containing tea, but without tea, as long as all kinds of cup pour water can drink tea, while maintaining the original leaf color flavor tea.

tea experts said, the emergence of fast tea, to subvert the traditional Instant Coffee Fresh Ground Coffee, subvert the traditional tea experience, "a revolution in tea". Tea can also become a popular, fashion, healthy lifestyle.

in addition to the traditional way of drinking tea becomes simple, beautiful and Lingbao to reform the traditional business model, the development platform of "vertical e-commerce fast the beauty of tea, Lingbao Tesco segment, just a screen of 200 kinds of tea and fast consumer online orders, express delivery.

experts say, Chinese tea many enterprises, but did not really sing the global tea brand, no one has the absolute right to speak of the brand in the world. Chinese tea is not the absolute boss, derived from product innovation and business model lag. From Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform sales data, tea electricity supplier is becoming a new trend of consumption.

America Lingbao company official said: by the fast on-line e-commerce platform tea, online and offline business cooperation together to force, is expected in 5 years, operating income reached 2 billion yuan, to break the British tea brand "Lipton" alone big tea consumption pattern.