[Abstract] Jingdong has been Acer, DELL, SONY, Lenovo and other manufacturers of more than 40 after-sales service authorization.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) October 16th news, Jingdong today announced the joint more than and 40 computers, mobile phone manufacturers, announced the launch of after-sales service, a comprehensive coverage of mainstream mobile phones and other 3C brands. Jingdong said that consumers in the Jingdong to buy computers, mobile phone products, is expected to enjoy no need to go out, without testing, full free warranty within the new service.

"customer service home" is the Jingdong to provide users with a free delivery, overhaul the original customer service service mode, at present, the service for 3C products, PC, notebook computer, mobile phone, consumers in the warranty period, only through the network or telephone to customer service service demand of the application, you can get the Jingdong provide technical support on the phone, pick up to the original inspection and maintenance service.

in March this year, Jingdong and ZTE and other computers, mobile phone manufacturers reached a strategic cooperation services. At present, the Jingdong has started to get Acer, DELL, ZTE, SONY, Lenovo, Coolpad Nubian, etc. more than 40 computer, mobile phone manufacturers customer service service authorization.

won the service authorization, the Jingdong can provide consumers with firm level maintenance and replacement services, solve the problems related to customer service maintenance to consumers. In the home to the model, part of the Jingdong computer, mobile phone product repair time to 3 days.

related research pointed out that in the past ten years, the consumer online shopping, the most concerned about has shifted from price to service. In such a pattern, the focus of competition from the electricity supplier price war to service war upgrade.

Jingdong vice president Wang Zhijun said, hope through the integration of Internet and traditional service industry, the formation of pre-sales consulting, online sales, customer service home experience, and the integration of Jingdong 3C brand customer service service platform, establish and improve the network retail customer service service system.