Tencent science and technology news (Zhu Xudong) October 16th news, Jingdong today confirmed to the science and technology of Tencent, Shen Tong has stopped the merchant to Jingdong warehouse delivery orders.

but Jingdong stressed that the current service to suspend the use of Jingdong open platform for third party merchants from its warehouse sent to the mall of Jingdong distribution center transportation, and consumer oriented distribution services. At the same time, the Jingdong said SF, tact and other courier company does not require the introduction of a similar sto.

it is understood that the Shentong suspend businesses and Jingdong warehouse between express for two reasons, one is because the goods is too large, beyond the ordinary express category; another reason is because the Jingdong also got Shentong express licence, and belongs to the competition between the alleged illegal soliciting.

Jingdong said it is actively communicating with the company, hope to successfully solve the matter. Another source said, Jingdong express will also be on the line recently.

this is not the first time the problem of cooperation between courier companies and e-commerce companies. There are logistics industry experts said that the electricity supplier self logistics and courier company’s business has been a competition, leading to the electricity supplier to eat their own meat and traditional delivery can only gnaw bones phenomenon.

but the SF electricity supplier responsible Liu Miao told the Tencent: "technology will not conflict between the electricity supplier and express a fundamental".

Liu Miao said that before the development of e-commerce in the West has been very perfect logistics system, so the electricity supplier companies can focus on doing business e-commerce. The development of China’s electricity supplier is too fast, the logistics system is not perfect, leading to the development of the electricity supplier encountered a number of bottlenecks, so some of the electricity supplier companies have begun self logistics. However, the development of e-commerce in China is also an objective to promote the role of the courier industry.

for the electricity supplier company self built logistics, Liu Miao said, but he said the SF electricity providers do not electricity supplier industry is to seize the cake, but want to use its advantages in the courier industry, better customer service. SF choose food sector are also clients at least in the field, can effectively avoid competition.

Liu Miao also stressed that the courier industry is labor-intensive and the electricity supplier is technology intensive, two companies should do what their best business, so as to ensure the harmonious relationship between the upstream and downstream industries.