1999, Ma founded the business to business online trading market platform for Alibaba, which is the most classic B2B model, now we know the marketing mode of B2C mode, C2C mode, O2O mode, C2B mode, I mainly want to say is this era of newborn – O2O model, because it there is not a coincidence.

1: two kings, C2C and B2C storm hit

Because the

B2B corresponds to the enterprise, so the biggest is C2C mode and B2C mode influence on us, because he is directly correspond to our users, I believe you also experienced its sweeping, because you will often hear.

1: colleagues said: now online fashion trends, go to buy a bar!

2: the wife said: now people buy things from the online ordering, we have to keep up with the rhythm of


3: the child said: our class a lot of fresh things are bought from the Internet!

so you were swept away, so many people were swept away. Then (see below)

two: overlord abuse appears, newborn O2O inevitable

can not be denied, the development of electronic commerce, to enrich our world, our life convenient, also omitted our time, if you are an introvert, buy clothes no longer Daogouyuan nagging, you can browse your love clothes on the Internet, if you are a love electronic products, also do not have to go to the mall looking for, just a click on the..

as mentioned above, the development of the line we really only good? The answer is negative, when we just have to focus the annual double eleven websites such as Taobao sales, there is no concern about the user’s response, there is no amount of return attention, if you pay attention, you will be surprised at you! Can look at the satisfaction of friends on the Internet to buy things, perhaps you are the consumers, when we start to online shopping is full of passion, do you know how much is just to follow suit, and the suit also can insist on how long? And most users focus or products are suitable for this point the line now is not, the neonatal O2O embarked on this stage of


three: the next line of survival, neonatal O2O work can not be

line of the storm, blowing the line almost only a little residue, though a bit exaggerated, but this influence is essential, of course, the old market still has its own fixed customers, but they obviously don’t want to just a little soup in the marketing industry, and also moved to online sales, offline services, O2O mode is inevitable, although some small and medium-sized enterprises are still struggling to support, or just do a simple website to show it, but I believe that the next few years, these enterprises will have turned to O2O mode >