2014, zoned era has extraordinary significance, for the field of electronic commerce, Ali, IPO Jingdong listed overseas, ready to; mobile payment, micro shop marketing came into being, subversive innovation…… According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of industry, in the last year alone, the amount of e-commerce transactions in China has exceeded 10 trillion yuan, the same period in the world’s first, the rapid development of e-commerce, revenue is booming, unprecedented. 2014, destined to be the critical point of the development of e-commerce in China and tipping point, is a milestone to launch a new e-commerce impact.

development of social e-commerce imperative

opportunities and challenges, with a huge market value of e-commerce, with its unique charm to attract more and more enterprises involved, from traditional industries to the emerging field, from the Internet to the electricity supplier giant soldier, many enterprises have poured into the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, for the electricity supplier companies, seeking innovation has become an inevitable choice for enterprise development. Social electricity supplier is a new model of e-commerce, it is the enterprise in the field of traditional e-commerce development and innovation. With the help of the social networking site, SNS, micro-blog, social media and network media transmission, through social interaction, the influence of word-of-mouth, provide means of merchandise on display, share and interact effectively and achieve the purpose of promotion, has become an important channel for e-commerce development in today’s era.

with the rapid rise of social networking sites and e-commerce, social e-commerce has become hot. In the traditional e-commerce giant Tencent and Alibaba as an example, in August 2013, the Tencent WeChat version 5 officially launched payment function, a month later, the Alibaba from social networking tools will come out, one is because of social and business development, one is because of the commercial and social heritage, the field of electronic commerce in the society understanding the move, is a strategic plan for enterprises market value, is the inevitable choice for the development of e-commerce in today’s era. The development of socialized e-commerce is imperative.


have a brilliant future of social commerce

as the field of electronic commerce in China well-known IT solutions provider Pactera (hereinafter referred to as: Vince Hai Hui), in-depth study of long-term commitment to the field of electronic commerce, customer analysis, purchase order, warehouse management, payment process and other e-commerce key links with practical experience and research results, the rich at the same time, according to the need the development of the times, Wen Hui Hai increase social commerce investment, give full play to its own technology, manpower, capital and other advantages, to provide a comprehensive system of social e-commerce solutions for customers, find value, create value, by the praise of customers. Wen Hui Hai social commerce blueprint to CRM customer relationship management, BI business intelligence and big data as the main line, combined with the network alliance, micro-blog, SNS, the third portals and other external marketing, give full play to its own call center, B2C business model, mobile applications and other unique advantages, realize the transaction >