internal factor leading to decline

recently, pretty things Qiaoyu traced a lot of outage caused the industry attention, pretty things Qiaoyu since 2008 officially launched, and today the capital and Chinese Jingwei financing of $43 million in 2011, by the French youth and Pierre De Vilmorin it as CEO post for the first time, limited time special sell mode introduced China.

since 2008, the domestic flash sales site rise,, poly still, glamour, pretty things Qiaoyu have on the line, from the current situation, only the good performance of, and landing the NYSE in 2012, apart from competitors, and over the years, pretty things Qiaoyu was’s biggest competitors.

from the insiders mouth was informed that recently, the performance of the site is not very good, but the company has been in arrears of wages, once promised settlement in March, and I hope you stick to it, and to the time commitment, the boss has been missing for more than a month. It will be bent on France’s business model to copy Chinese, but the relative domestic B2C market website, pretty things Qiaoyu of domestic familiarity is poor, and the senior team are mostly foreigners, resulting in the development of domestic The climate does not suit one.


The limited sale of

B2C business history of pretty things Qiaoyu call

expert opinion

< a > oligopoly situation has been formed, the market space is not

with the domestic online retail market competition, as the representative of the flash purchase industry successfully, such as flash shopping site like bamboo shoots after a spring rain take up, the network share, the top grade discount, temple library, Fifth Avenue, treasure net, glamour and began to enter people’s vision, and the Jingdong,, Yi Xun, where, as the industry players also did not miss this opportunity, have set up the flash sales channels. In fact, as the sale will be started by many young people of all ages, especially since the rapid expansion in 2012 after the listing on the NYSE, it is reported that, in addition to the obvious advantages of oligarchs, pretty things Qiaoyu go to bankruptcy this outcome, most of the remaining flash shopping site is also difficult.

According to the

analysis found that the first tier of Tmall and Jingdong has occupied 72.5% market share; "second tier", Amazon Chinese, shop No. 1, followed by;, Gome online, Eslite and other old B2C is located in the "third echelon" visible to vertical electricity supplier market space is not much. Especially the development of large open platform platform has become increasingly mature, thus directly to the pretty things Qiaoyu this kind of competition in the industry "sale shopping" vertical "crowding out effect form".

< two > capital kidnapping is a vertical electricity supplier killer

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