e-commerce website is what to do? Not the entertainment of the user, is to serve the user, is to help the user to find a faster and better things he wants the platform, tools. Therefore, the ease of use of the site is also very important practical. Don’t get garish, a user can not find what you want, you can stay on the site? Not to mention the turnover rate. At the beginning of the establishment of Taobao, is a C2C platform, a lot of things on the home page, a lot of powerful features. But to the late, constantly changing the face of the home page, and gradually to the form of B2C website, for what is to give a simple and clear image, fast and convenient image, find something to facilitate. It should be said that Taobao’s turnover rate and improve the continuous improvement of the simple and convenient pages have a certain relationship.

classification information website we all know that the classification of information is also the site’s profit model is also relying on e-commerce. Why do you say that we look at the people Internet cafes to a map:


people in the online information is free, but every day there are tens of thousands of people at the same time in the dissemination of information, how to let others see you first time information? This is to buy the net top service, top after the course effect is not the same. This is the people’s network profit model, with Baidu bidding and Taobao through the principle of almost. But these are e-commerce services, not directly sell things. To say that a lot of classified information website, we see the form are almost, stereotyped, no new ideas. I see a classified information website, that page is very good, very simple, I believe that many webmaster friends know, is Guo Cairong zhaochafa, classification of information can be found in the home for the first time, advertising information visible, page is the same, find it convenient. She is the site of the program is specially designed to find people, distinctive. Here is not to advertise her, just want to point out: convenience is the biggest advantage of e-commerce. To facilitate the customer, the customer will not refuse your service. E-commerce is unknowingly done.

I would like to say is to do e-commerce, we should consider all possible to provide users with convenient, improve the ease of use of electricity supplier website, which will have a great impact on the turnover rate. Do not know how do you think of e-commerce


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