electricity supplier in such a now red hot industry, we have almost forgotten it will be Baidu.

A pain

in the field of electricity supplier defeated Baidu is the heart. Experienced a transformation ah, music cool days off and Yao point 100 outage, Baidu electricity supplier was very quiet. Until the beginning of this year, Baidu shopping, Baidu micro purchase a series of low-key on-line, indicating that its electricity supplier strategy is quietly changing.

recently, Baidu micro purchase low-key on-line open platform, businesses can manage goods and orders in their own platform, see this message is more confirmed by my judgment. In this paper, I will focus on why Baidu has to do electricity supplier, Baidu electricity supplier as well as the history of the new Baidu electricity supplier strategy set sail three aspects for all aspects of dialysis Baidu electricity supplier.

Why Baidu

to do electricity supplier

Most of Baidu’s revenue comes from advertising, the value of advertising depends on the status of Baidu as a user

start page. The more stable this position is, the higher the value of advertising.

in recent years, the Internet is becoming more and more towards the field of subdivision, vertical website has become an important trend. On the one hand, due to the presence of these vertical sites, users will skip Baidu more directly on these sites to complete the retrieval and service information; on the other hand, the vertical web user groups and segments relatively more concentrated, so the precision advertising value greatly.

for Baidu, the search for this business model, the user has been a very short time to stay, but not sticky. These factors make Baidu feel threatened. To this end, Robin Li put forward the concept of "Box Computing" in the 2009 World Congress on Baidu, hopes to provide users with one-stop services based on Baidu, the user only needs to enter in the search box, the system automatically clearly identify this demand, and the optimal allocation needs to deal with content providers, ultimately directly in Baidu user feedback matching results.

around the "Box Computing", Baidu puts forward middle page strategy, investment or acquisition of a number of vertical sites have a huge user needs, such as Iqiyi (video), Qijia network (Home Furnishing), anjuke (real estate), where (travel). Baidu hopes to middle page support, to achieve the depth of integration with Baidu search service, one-stop service to complete the layout, the user more to stay in the Baidu search page to enhance viscosity, so as to consolidate its position as the start page. In addition, there are huge opportunities in these vertical areas, Baidu hopes to improve its investment in other industries layout.

electricity supplier is undoubtedly one of the most promising in all vertical areas, with a huge number of users and huge platform value. On the Internet, commodity search occupy a large proportion, and this part of the search due to the possibility of a potential transaction, so highly commercial value. In consolidation >