e-commerce industry is now in full swing, so many traditional tourism companies have begun to transition, take the road of e-commerce model. So the traditional tourism enterprises e-commerce model what are the advantages? Star shopping mall business network promotion small sums up some personal views here and share with everyone.

traditional tourism platform to provide users with a true travel experience

compared to traditional tourism enterprises online travel electricity supplier is an important advantage of tourism resources. Take scenic spots, each scenic spots have many attractions, and each scenic spot is also some good scenery, these resources for online travel electricity supplier is illegal to achieve. The tourism industry is different in other industries, tourism is close to the real picture of the outside world to enjoy nature brings atmosphere, so the user experience personally on the scene is not available online, so the traditional tourism enterprises inspection service than online travel business travelers closer to the user experience.

traditional tourism enterprises have a wealth of operational experience

traditional tourism enterprises before the transition to e-commerce model, the tourism industry has some deep understanding and experience. Whether it is business operations, or online marketing than the online travel electricity supplier must have the advantage, but also directly to the traditional tourism enterprises to promote the line and operation to provide a platform for many transition to online e-commerce mode. It not only solves the lack of talents in the tourism industry, but also improves the overall efficiency of the personnel engaged in tourism. For online travel providers, understand the development concept and management pattern to the tourism industry personnel are not many, so no matter in the management or operation are not the traditional tourism enterprises experienced personnel.

traditional tourism enterprises with a wide range of marketing channels

as a traditional tourism enterprises have their own marketing channels, including newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, etc.. The marketing channel is more practical platform for the promotion of the traditional tourism enterprises, although the cost might be better than online promotion must be high, but the actual effect is good, after all, in a certain period of time have a certain extent of tourists has adapted its marketing mode, so online promotion has superior line of tourism industry electricity supplier. It is more important to promote the marketing line closer to the needs of the passengers, after all, there are still some users can not access the Internet service companies can not provide services and information. These are some of the online travel providers can not have a very important advantage.

in the three point can be clearly seen from the traditional tourism industry enterprise e-commerce model, the transition to online travel service, has many advantages compared to online travel business. Through the combination of O2O mode, you can take a seat in the future mobile internet. Today, the O2O model has been widely used in the e-commerce industry, so this model provides a lot of opportunities for the traditional tourism enterprises to develop e-commerce model, so the traditional tourism enterprises go >