electricity supplier industry consolidation continued profit model is still plagued the industry

newspaper news (reporter Intern Liu Xinyu Chen Yutai) the first half of June has passed, the battle of the smoke cleared, this year the electricity supplier industry competition degree and the situation there has been a significant decline compared with 2012, the industry into the consolidation phase. Last weekend, suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said in an interview with this reporter, suning.com continues to accelerate has exposed many problems, the first half of the year has been a series of adjustments. He also revealed that in the successful acquisition of red children on the basis of the second half does not rule out the possibility of starting a vertical merger of electricity suppliers.

abandon continuous acceleration mode

last September, Suning Appliance to determine the price of $66 million acquisition of the company’s brand, assets and business. Suning this is the first time in the field of mergers and acquisitions. In April this year, redBaby mother network fully integrated into suning.com, click on the website domain name to jump directly to suning.com’s web interface, and a red child suning.com domain redbaby.suning.com two has already started.


taste of red child sweetness, Su Ningji may be shot again in the second half of this year. Recently, there are electricity providers micro-blog claimed that suning.com’s acquisition of a wholly-owned enterprise sale electricity supplier. The website sale mode except vip.com, especially several sale electricity supplier in Shanghai, Suning mostly talk again. From Li Bin "does not exclude the vertical mergers and acquisitions may start again" position, Suning has once again resorted to the acquisition of mind means.

"We will continue to accelerate the

problems of the fully exposed, the integration of online and offline is not enough, the decision-making chain is too long, there is a gap between the service experience, to enhance the visibility soon attracted many new users, but the conversion rate is not high customer loyalty, profit model has not been established continuously." In the past the problems of suning.com, Li Bin does not mince words.

industry analysts believe that sustainable profit model is still one of the biggest problems plaguing the industry. The sale type electricity supplier currently seems to be in one direction, you can see is the profit model, it is beneficial to build a business department and the competitiveness of its open platform.

open platform next month will be on-line

on the second half goal Li Bin said, suning.com will strive to maintain the industry growth rate of the first goal, and added, "is not the only indicator of sales growth and market share, we expect to continue to improve in the business model, there is a big breakthrough in the user experience, open platform, category management depth."

it is understood that the first half of the year with the open platform function re planning and development near the end of the suning.com platform is expected to be completed at the end of July August officially launched the final test. Suning.com will also recently officially released the latest platform policy, and again to launch a new round of the whole category of investment, the year is expected to reach 5 million S>