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at the beginning of 2015, the rebate network obtained from Japan’s lead investor C round of financing. The introduction of foreign resources, not only for the rebate network bring financial support in the upgrading of business at the same time, the cross-border electricity rebate business also in synchronous layout. Therefore, the rebate network issued a "rebate network of cross-border electricity supplier User Research Report", and for their own in cross-border business ecology to determine the "water" self positioning, relying on cross-border electronic business platform products and services delivery partners to create front-end users.

in fact, as early as 2011, the rebate network has begun to explore cross-border business rebate model, but at the time of the business environment is not suitable for domestic and cross-border electronic business platform, language, logistics, products are the barriers of cross-border electricity supplier, ancillary services can not keep up, means that the user experience is poor, the user is very difficult to grow. At that time, more users choose to purchase products directly through the overseas electronic business platform, and this part of the user itself needs to have the ability to solve the international shopping cumbersome process, the relative amount of less users.

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, cross-border business rebate network to direct overseas direct purchase and docking platform, based on the rebate business, the effect is not obvious, for businesses to bring the value of the flow is relatively low. While developing the cross-border electricity supplier in the moment, especially the government level has introduced favorable policies, the cross-border electricity service capacity has been hitherto unknown upgrade, it seems in the rebate network COO Zhu Min, is the best opportunity to expand the cross-border rebates.

in the rebate for cross-border business, the rebate rebate network function is weakened, mainly to the rebate shopping business for the main direction of mining, more willing to buy goods in the existing cross-border user 70 million user groups, and through the use of a single product shopping guide "super return", in order to adapt to cross-border commodity standard, explosion and the long tail of goods of different forms of commercial architecture. From the "rebate network of cross-border electricity supplier User Research Report" can be seen in the territory of cross-border business electricity suppliers accounted for half of the country, the development of up to 9 years based on the rebate network in the existing 400 domestic cooperation platform has been basically open from the business, financial and other basic information channels.

The following is the "world network"

reporters and rebate network COO Zhu Min dialogue, discuss the rebate business in cross-border electricity supplier play a role, as well as the rebate network is how to seize the cross-border electricity resurgence of thunder. And in the final with a net "from the rebate rebate network of cross-border electricity supplier User Research Report".

rebate network is how to treat the cross-border market


our view is that cross-border is a very big opportunity. We began to do the business from 06 years, also saw the ups and downs, before also tried to do cross-border services, but at that time the national various policies are not in place, the user is quite difficult, language, logistics and payment are the problem. Now is an opportunity for users to improve the quality of life has been improved, the timing of the.

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