has money may not, but there is no money absolutely not! Jingdong account has more than $15 billion in cash reserves." Yesterday, the day before the Jingdong mall has just completed the $700 million ordinary shares of equity financing, the Jingdong store board chairman Liu Qiangdong said in an internal letter.

‘s investors include Canada and the Ontario teachers’ pension fund and the Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed holding the Kingdom Holding group. At the same time, some of the major shareholders of the company also has a vote. According to previously published data, the total number of Jingdong mall four round of financing up to $2 billion 300 million.

it is understood that Jingdong mall in 2012 and the beginning of 2013, a total of $700 million financing, financing Jingdong mall valuation of $7 billion 250 million. Jingdong mall said that this round of financing funds will be used for the company’s operations, investment in the future development of new business and continue to strengthen the construction of the logistics system, etc.. According to the previous Liu Qiangdong disclosed that he will further increase investment in logistics, and in 2014 the formation of financial companies.

eCapital CEO ran Wang revealed that last year joined Jingdong mall Kui Ying Chun was completed the financing. Kui Ying Chun is a former Merrill Lynch group director of investment banking, the main task is to help the Jingdong to market mall. The industry also agreed that Jingdong mall overwhelmed financing will further accelerate the pace of its listing. Wang ran even in micro-blog, said Jingdong mall should not grab money before the time to seize the listing of ali.

independent electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that the total amount of financing Jingdong mall totaling $2 billion 300 million, less than IPO. Sovereign funds and pension funds are robust institutional investors, so Jingdong mall financial and operating conditions should be healthy. This also indicates that this round should be the last round of financing IPO. War soon, Suning and easy fast network is not in the capital market to make a difference?

e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang said that $700 million is not a Jingdong store straw, just transition forage, truly reflect the future value of the mall part of Jingdong, including the platform, financial data, and the four mobile mall business, Jingdong is still a baby, now is a critical moment of transition, $700 million provides very good the time window for the transformation.

, a former assistant president of Jingdong of Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shingo Knopp mall NOP founder Liu Shuang comments, the right thing to do is to store Jingdong in 2007 to 2012 all the barbaric growth and try to take money. In this regard, Liu Qiangdong seems to have recognized, he wrote in the message released yesterday, "financing is not a technology not to be happy! What! Have the money not necessarily, but no money no! This round of financing has been credited into account, so far we have up to more than 15 billion yuan in cash reserves the spring has come!! when flowers are blooming far away?"

Jingdong’s 4 financing