jumei.com vice president Liu Huipu said, the United States has no chance of standing on the starting line with the unified giant, now the core of the problem is what? Jumei.com to do a thing right now: determined to do subtraction rather than addition.

oral / Liu Huipu


Today is the theme of

after the listing, vertical electric business is how to go, then I want to change to a vertical electricity supplier is headed to the nouveau riche.

first, after the listing of the United States in the end there is no change in the


the first thing, an electricity supplier companies to keep calm. Someone asked me, as a high-tech company managers what you think, what I say is a high-tech company, the company. The Internet itself is not the electricity supplier company Internet Co, or retail sales company. Today we have a lot of very fresh concept, a hot call fresh electricity supplier, after the listing, the capital market depends on how large your plate. I think the market is very big, fresh dishes, then ask a question, in our downstairs there is selling bananas, oranges, very convenient, why should I buy the box? You go to Chongqing to find the snacks are especially delicious, there are only Chongqing, we should move to the Internet, then you can do a lot of business? Once the money, people will become very pure. A person is always like this, when you have no money, it is relying on talent, hard work, smart to attract girls, after the money, you buy a bag to attract girls, after the money, a lot of things will become rough simple. I would like to say that today’s topic if it is listed on the vertical electricity supplier, if you do not regard themselves as a listed company, such a topic I would prefer.

you know, listing financing, but today we all enterprises, regardless of your firm size, please deeply aware of this matter, a company that is ultimately driven by people, not money driven. Why do we make so many mistakes today I came back from Seoul, I look at the Chinese people in Seoul in the end what to buy, I found these products in the domestic electricity supplier actually no sales. For example, a little girl wants to buy a product of LG, called the cream, a Chinese, limited to purchase 6. I came back to search, Taobao and the United States sold very much, so, this thing is not worth so much, Chinese not to buy his goods, but why? Today we reflect on a problem, on behalf of electricity supplier in the end is what? First, the electricity supplier representatives is cheap, right? We have a lot of under the original line of business moved online, hard money, on the other hand, we study, we are our genes, most users, but users to what products, we do not know.

a few days ago, I saw a company, he said he voted a company, found that the company does not know 90 after he did not vote. I found that after the listing, but to really face their own, we have to do what the money, we are not fighting a price war, we