Han how to build micro channel first brand

in the past year, as the representative of the mask to become micro channel on the cosmetics business "Darling", while the ten year old beauty, Han beam, OSM past the unknown brand for micro business and shine.

ten years of accumulated

is not a new brand.

2002, Shanghai Han Shu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai, the main production of cosmetics. And foreign cosmetics brand button, the domestic cosmetics brand started late, technology is relatively backward, in the high-end market, Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea has always occupied the dominant position. In a second tier cities in the high-end shopping malls chain stores, it is difficult to see the shadow of domestic brands.

strength is relatively weak beam in the market to choose a more easily cut into the channel – cosmetics store. In China, cosmetics stores are not uncommon, from a second tier cities to the township can be seen, these stores are self-employed, what to sell, how to sell, the boss said.

and foreign brands. The tall. Compared with the system of canal Dubai, this "the ten" channel laying much to hard, Han beam several branches and offices set up in that country, with branches and offices in flexibility, house shop boss try to persuade Han beam sales the product.

in the localization of the channel construction, especially in the three or four cities.

although the three or four tier cities in cosmetics consumption level is inferior to a second tier cities, but a large population, there is a huge demand. From 2002 to 2005, through the cosmetics store, Han Liang achieved sales of 100 million yuan.

2008, Han began to cut second channels – TV shopping. At that time, the TV shopping in Chinese become fashionable for a time on the TV, but most of the products are not well-known brand of small, short survival time, high frequency update. Han Liang hopes not only to open the TV shopping sales, but also to open the brand awareness. They introduce talents from abroad and do it in the way of foreign TV shopping. According to Han Liang micro business division CEO Chen Yuxin introduction, by 2010, Han Liang has been in the TV shopping cosmetics category to do the first, the annual sales of nearly 1 billion yuan, accounting for 40%.

of total sales in Korea

2011, Han beam into the electricity supplier channels. In order to avoid conflicts and the store, Han beam in the electricity supplier channels to take charge of the project system, independent operation. Now, South Korea’s annual sales in the electricity supplier platform also has 1 billion yuan.


sales figures handsome, but in the high-end cosmetics market, South Korea has been in the embarrassing situation of beam is unknown to the public, the real "red" is in the 2014 – Han beam with micro taking hit a nice turnaround.


From the beginning of the birth of

, Han beam on the channel is sensitive to abnormal