(original title: the price of one hundred yuan high-end imported cosmetics is a small husband and wife filling their own random)

newspaper correspondent Jin Feng newspaper reporter

pushed open the door of the store to sell counterfeit imported cosmetics, in front of the scene, so that law enforcement officers shocked. Shui Baobao, L’OCCITANE, banana boat, little bee…… Almost all imported high-end cosmetics, put a. "Make" them, a couple of 85. They will even do not know what is the raw material, directly into each cosmetic bottle a piece of money, then wholesale to Taobao seller.

bottle cost about 4 yuan, the wholesale price is 12 yuan, which is already profiteering. But Taobao shopkeeper get online, these under the banner of the internal price of high-end cosmetics immediately worth double, the most expensive to sell hundreds of dollars. A seller of Deqing Huzhou, only half a year, it achieved sales of 4 million yuan, even on the Cayenne, became the boss".

oil + flavor = imported cosmetics

85 after the young couple with a lot of business

Chen Jiang and Liu Ting (a pseudonym) is a pair of 85 after the couple, the work of the people in Dongguan when they met, married in a Taobao store in Dongguan.

from the beginning, the two just wholesale some clothes to sell socks. Liu Ting will also help others buy some cosmetics, earn money. However, Taobao people who do purchasing innumerable, but most of them are professional than Liu Ting, so the two couples Taobao shop soon no longer operating, often one day does not receive a list of.

husband and wife accidentally discovered that their place to live, there are a lot of underground factory, the main production of semi-finished products of various types of cosmetics. After investigation, they found that the production of cosmetics is so simple, so decided to do their own.

no matter what kind of brand of cosmetics bottles, can be ordered through underground channels, and even the trademark has a service "thoughtful" printing plant to help print. The couple to do, just put the raw materials of cosmetics into the bottle, and then wrap up.

as to fill in those things in the end is what, the couple did not know anything, just listen to the supplier that is a kind of oil and flavor. Even the home offerings to ensure, people with absolutely no problem, the couple also painted some experiments on himself, did not see the harm to allergic reaction, "assured" put into production.

husband and wife counted a bill: cosmetics bottle 1 dollars, accounting for cosmetic raw materials and packaging costs, the cost of a bottle of fake cosmetics in an average of about $4. So the two will be priced at around $12. In early 2014, the couple began foreign investment". Many shop owners see they provide cosmetics sell good, the price is reasonable, and soon reached a cooperation agreement.

selling fake cosmetics