technology news (Zhu Xudong) October 25th news, Tmall today officially announced this year 11.11 shopping Carnival price rules, a clear definition of the benchmark price of merchandise discount, all in 11.11 shopping Carnival goods do really break Ming buckle, with real offers good service to consumers.

Tmall stressed that once found the merchant inflated price and then discount the situation, not only will clear the 11.11 shopping Carnival festival will be the official, point penalty to businesses.

Wang Yulei, vice president of Tmall

said, Tmall will stick with the most real concessions to consumers, the preparatory period will communicate with the merchant, the strict examination and declaration of goods. At the same time, Tmall has established a price warning system, once found in "crime against the wind" businesses, will follow the rules of punishment.

therefore, Tmall made a special "11.11 shopping Carnival" logo for all 11.11 official activities in commodities, said the commodity price commitment for the last 30 days (October 12th to November 10th) in the most favorable. Among them, the commitment of half off caps will be added to the "top 50 percent off" logo, not only must be the last 30 days of the most favorable, but also promised not to exceed the maximum price of the counter price of half off.

Tmall also remind consumers, in 11.11 shopping carnival, please look for the selection of goods with the certification mark of official activities of goods, these goods will be subject to strict price control.

Tmall at the same time clear the 11.11 benchmark price of the day discount. According to Tmall’s definition, the benchmark price of November 11th day discount, the counter price refers to the price tag, counter price, follow the price on the goods online, or approved by the price bureau and other national legal institutions price. For the two kinds of price information is not the price of the goods, the discount price is from September 1, 2012 to November 10, 2012, the price of the goods in the case of Tmall did not do promotions. If there are too many prices in that time period, the lowest price is the lowest price.

Tmall will also set up a high price for consumers to report the green channel. Once consumers have raised the price of the transaction was established, will immediately clear the official activities of the goods, and according to the general violations of the same commodity for 6 points penalty. During the period from November 1st to November 11th the general violation points with 48 points of business, Tmall will cancel the qualification of 11.11 activities, and cancel the business in all the marketing activities of the qualification of Tmall in 2012.

finalists this year Tmall 11.11 businesses expanded 5 times, from last year’s 2000 to 1 more than ten thousand. This will greatly enrich the choice of consumers, but also to Tmall management activities brought greater challenges to the product. According to reports, Tmall from October 14th through a variety of channels to communicate with businesses, and enable the application of a special commodity reporting system, in accordance with the rules of the business review of the goods declared.