August 27 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liao Jia) this morning, Alipay through its official micro-blog announced that it will stop all the line POS business. The micro-blog said, "for some reason as everyone knows, Alipay will stop all the line POS business. On the original cooperative businesses we will properly handle the business will not affect the normal business. This brings inconvenience to users and partners, we apologize. But in the exploration of payment innovation, we will never stop."

it is understood that Alipay launched last year POS logistics strategy. Including two major content, namely the logistics POS payment program and electricity supplier logistics payment system investment. The logistics POS payment scheme launched by Alipay, the Alipay POS terminal equipment into conformity with the manifest credit card information management functions, can realize the electricity supplier COD (cash on delivery), real-time funds and logistics information. The Alipay announced to stop all the line POS business actually declared the end of the strategy.

Although Alipay

no further explanation, but according to industry analysts, "as everyone knows the reason" in fact origin recently cup on the board of directors meeting a bill. The motion revealed that before July 1, 2014, the gradual transfer of UnionPay UnionPay credit card business transactions to UnionPay network. This means that China UnionPay officially began with the third party payment for direct market.

, according to reports, the recent meeting of the board of directors in the cup on the further specification of non-financial Payment institutions UnionPay card transactions to safeguard the interests of the members of the bank and the bank’s motion. UnionPay set target is December 31, 2013 before the full completion of non gold line agencies UnionPay card transactions transfer, unified send UnionPay transfer ";" before July 1, 2014, non gold Internet access UnionPay UnionPay card transactions total".

Analysis of the industry,

has been required to finance the third party payment institutions through the cup network transfer, the fundamental problem is to gain access to this way through the monopoly market clearing. UnionPay want to pull over a fee for goose hair." Third party payment sources said. From the Union’s financial data, the main source of income is still the channel cost.

Alipay staff told the media said, "Alipay in 10 years on the nearly 200 banks, UnionPay and the knife". The Alipay three staff stressed that "monopoly will stifle the industry in a talk with reporters".