Reference News Network reported on March 3rd, the U.S. media said, in order to remain competitive outside China, the electricity supplier giant Alibaba is secretly throwing billions of dollars.

According to the U.S. financial website

quartz CB Vc firm reported on March 2nd, according to statistics, from 2010 onwards, the company in more than 55 foreign investment has invested about $12 billion, of which $9 billion is invested in 2015, with 20 deals. It is also raising funds for more external transactions. Wall Street Journal reported that Alibaba is working with 8 banks to raise $4 billion – a large part of the funds will be devoted to the acquisition of electricity supplier.

the company’s rival Amazon Co conducted 10 external transactions in 2015, including the acquisition of Annapurna laboratory, 21emetry company and ClusterK company. Amazon Co has invested billions of dollars in overseas markets, especially in India to expand the company’s business. It is currently in India and "express website and pHLIP Carter Co compete for market share.

indeed, India is likely to be the Alibaba and the two giant Amazon launched a desperate struggle. In August 2015, the "express website confirmed the receipt of $500 million generous investment, said the company is one of the sponsors of the Alibaba. In February 2016, news reports, and the Alibaba is India’s largest electricity supplier pHLIP Carter Co investment approached.

Harvard University School of business professor Sunil · Gupta said: "India public opinion said the three companies at the end of the game are standing is unlikely. With the Alibaba involved, the last possibility is that (Amazon’s number one competitor) will actually be Alibaba."

reported that in the United States online shopping areas, Amazon still enjoys supreme dominance (its sales accounted for nearly 1/5 of total U.S. online sales), where the fighting is not so fierce. The Alibaba has to, the company is known as the Amazon in the United States, the Challenger invested a sum of money amount is unknown, but did not and before it in high-profile publicity.

Gupta on the instant riches startups said: "I think it is not enough to achieve rapid development." (compile / Feng Xue)