news June 3rd, the domain name registration service platform the vein network recently launched the test, launched the "couple domain" and a series of characteristics of the domain name registration service, becoming the highlight of the new blog domain ", many users are registered.

The so-called

couple domain, is a pair of lovers together the name of the registered domain name, for example: the boy named Jack, a girl named Rose, it belongs to the lovers of "lovers name" should be: Now, the vein network login name Click the menu "domain name, enter your lovers" respectively and lovers name query or registration, after successful registration, set the corresponding URL to love you and love / blog, make hundreds of millions of Internet users to witness the course of your love.

it is understood that the couple domain name and blog domain name does not belong to the domain name system classification, but after the promotion of the concept of packaging features. March 2006, film and television artist Xu Jinglei’s blog accepted the gift given by the domain name after the flow straight up, once became the world’s largest flow of blog, blog domain concept concept.

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