recently a lot of people in my domain name registration, but they choose the domain name is unscientific. A lot of people are casually selected, but did not notice that this meter has been used before, there have been K too, especially after the rise of CN meters, the rice more than N, accidentally, note the use of someone else, K meters. I am here with my recently registered as an example of a meter to write a log, in the end how to register a new domain name.

1 registered a new domain of the former, think about what to do. For example, do PPT templates, then, is preferred. For the garbage station, the first election, Pinyin meters has been the favorite of Baidu, the weight is quite high, if someone is registered, then add a number of what, not too long. If you intend to do it for a long time, then it is necessary to consider the ease of memory of the domain name, for the second, if registered, so in addition to adding numbers, you can add some CN, VIP, sky.. Note that.Com is preferred.

2 domain name selected. This step before payment is very important. Do the following steps:

1). By the way, check the registration of.Cn,.Net and so on.

2) enter the domain name in to see if there are any results. Note that to select all the web pages, do not bring www. Sometimes it is possible to remove the meter, there are many meters stations have recorded.

3) enter the or Admin5 search.

very good, the above results are not recorded, then, let’s go ~ congratulations, the above have a record or one of them have a record, then you have to look at this meter, what is used to do. I take as an example:

1) found that.Cn was registered early, open is a warning page of the network, regardless of his.

2), we found that had a record and appeared on the delete list of many stations in January 10, 2009. A little hanging.

3) in 2003, there are records, as if in English, HP.

in the third only to find the history of the page in the case of 2003-2005, can only look at the previous registration of this meter. Open:, back into their own meters. Here you can see the registration of this meter. We see that the rice was registered in 2007 by a foreigner, in 2008, due to expire in October. HP, since it is a foreigner registration, then no matter, in China Baidu is the world. So, let’s go