The ancient

comment on the power is infinite, the other person is popular, and idioms are fully illustrates this point. Oral communication is one of the earliest means of communication, I want to talk about word-of-mouth marketing is the use of oral communication to achieve marketing. A commodity can pass through word of mouth twenty chuan-100, achieve good communication effect. As long as everyone says good things, even if it may not cause the people phenomenon; a commodity is again good, if the reputation is not good, because People will talk. may also cause adverse effects to the brand.

because of the power of word of mouth is so powerful, many businesses have established their own brand reputation. Google is one of the typical cases with market reputation to win, Google adhere to refuse to do ads or links to other pages on the home page, the quality service has won the majority of users recognized through word-of-mouth to establish its brand value of $2 billion. At present, the fire in China’s reputation network, the public comment network can be highly sought after, and the role of the word of mouth is inseparable. Before determining whether to buy this commodity, we all want to know the evaluation of other users of it, so the word of mouth network has become a favorite place for users and businesses. Many shopping sites also so the development of this function, such as software market program supermarket, every piece of merchandise which has a reputation, for everybody in the above advice, comments, so it provides a platform for businesses to establish a reputation of goods.

reputation by everyone so popular, it’s advantage where


low cost

word of mouth marketing costs should be the lowest number of marketing tools, other means of publicity are required to pay the cost of publicity, and word-of-mouth marketing is almost zero. Low cost, high efficiency, these are incomparable advertising, can be said to be worth a try marketing methods.

high credit

our customers are from classmates, friends, colleagues and relatives about a brand of quality, because the relationship is close, the customer will no doubt on the information received, this reputation achieved far more than you do on TV advertising or sales personnel to come to preach advantage is much better.


"a twenty chuan-100" this proverb fully illustrates the word-of-mouth communication speed, if a customer believes that this product is good, he will tell the people around him, everyone has a life circle, so that his mouth, the speed will be very amazing!

targeted strong

usually customers will come to inquire about the quality of the goods in the purchase of goods before, which shows the customer the heart has a ruler, know their own needs, so to get more confirmed, is a potential customer when businesses face. The quality of this product will directly affect the quality of his purchase decision.

enhance brand reputation