B2C site is usually more proud of our kind of Web site, many webmasters are also in the promotion and operation of their website. B2C site has its own characteristics, such as columns, products, pictures, text, URL structure, and so do in the promotion of the station and there is a certain difference. Today to share some of the B2C site to do the promotion of the need to pay attention to six points. Master these six points, we can know about the overall situation of the site from now on, what are the problems, which will be corrected in the future. We also hope that there are different views in a timely manner.

first, how to let the user know the existence of your website?

the first question is how to let the user know your site, through what is the way to our website, which involves the overall planning and promotion of their own site. To know what kind of promotion methods are used, which of these methods to promote the conversion rate is relatively low, which is relatively high. In these methods, accounting for the proportion of the proportion of free, accounting for the proportion of free. These problems are actually the first step to promote the site must be considered.

second, every step is easy enough to click


the second step is to optimize the station, the optimization of these details is to grasp the user psychology. B2C as a result of many columns, more products, more pictures, so for users, the ease of use of the site is very important. Every step of the click is fresh enough, the customer is aware of what each step represents, it is easy to find their own products, which are very big impact on the site’s conversion.

third, do you know your specific location?

know their location is very important for the user, for the user, on behalf of the rational thinking, know what they are looking for, find the steps, looking for a product should be how to find, this is a very important aspect. For small sites, there may be no such thing, but for many columns of B2C, sometimes product classification to dozens or even hundreds, so know their location is very important, that is more than chaos.

fourth, the ability to provide a large amount of information


website only has the ability to provide a large amount of information to meet the needs of users at various stages. If we are going to be a vertical line, then the direction of these vertical excavation is enough thin, deep enough. When users come to the site, can help users solve the problem. This is the webmaster must consider one thing. Whether it is virtual or physical items, to ensure that the site has the ability to help customers.

fifth, will encounter difficulties when consulting customer service?

when users encounter problems on our site, is not enough to be able to consult customer service. This is a very important indicator to improve service. Sometimes customers want to find customer service